Originally from Chile, I have walked many paths: working as a nurse, a flight attendant and finally establishing a career in Film Production. I definitely thrive while working in dynamic and sometimes unpredictable environments, and that’s why this project was so interesting to me! I am always compelled by stories that examine the female perspective; and I believe we succeeded in bringing that to this film.

Having built a new life in a new country, I can totally relate to the sense of seeking community and finding a place to call home, in looking for a safe place where you can be your own person and feel safe. Lonnie’s story inspires me and it shows me that there is good in the world and it’s worth waiting for.

Through this film I have discovered the amazing Deadhead community, and since then, I find them everywhere I go!

I’m not a Deadhead, but I definitely wish I was born in the 60’s!