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Pandemic Fog

Sometimes you decide to pivot….and sometimes you have no choice but to pivot and change. That certainly feels like what’s happening now. We’ve decided to stick close to home instead of traveling to film some interviews and work on organizing and editing footage. It seems like a small sacrifice considering the fear and uncertainty we are all facing. I have plenty of images to scan thanks to a beautiful soul who sent me home with her entire collection of Grateful Dead memorabilia and her photos from the years she spent on the road touring. Finding beauty in difficult times is sometimes the best we can do. Wishing you peace and health.

Moving Forward!

Many of you might remember that we originally wanted to call our film ‘I Need A Miracle’. While submitting information for the film to IMDb, we found out that another filmmaker was using that title for their project. After much soul-searching, I decided to use the title ‘Box of Rain’. The lyrics in Box of Rain have always been extremely meaningful to me, so it feels like the perfect fit. In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t think of using it in the first place! Hope you like it, too!



We’re excited to introduce a new addition to our team!

Fran Zapata is a talented and dedicated producer who brings a wonderful sense of enthusiasm to this team and our film.

Fran is originally from Chile and traveled extensively before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys taking on a diverse range of projects and is very excited about her new role with this film.

Need A Miracle Film is blessed to have Fran as a producer and we look forward to having her fresh perspective and creative energy on this project.