Sometimes you just have to get back on the road to find the magic you need for a project. So that’s what we’re doing. Elizabeth and I are driving from opposite ends of the country and meeting (almost) in the middle. This journey started in Red Rocks in 1985, and we felt a strong pull back to the place where things began. On this trip we filmed stunning footage that we needed to pull the story together…and while we were in the area, we met with and interviewed Brian O’Donnell! Brian created ‘Deadheads’, the original documentary about Deadheads….and when I told him we’d be in the area, he offered to meet with us so we could tell him more about our project….and of course, we picked up the footage we’ll be using in our film. One thing that has never stopped amazing me is the capacity for genuine kindness and openness that I have consistently found within the Deadhead community. Once again, weary travelers were taken in and showered with warmth and acceptance. Every time I experience this, I am reminded once again why I am making this film. So much love and gratitude to Elizabeth, Brian, and Beth for making this trip another magical memory.